Expanding horizon of Medical Tourism in India: An opportunity for Bed and Breakfast too!

While conducting a survey of various Bed and Breakfast units, it was found that most of the B&B units do not have viable business. The reasons for the same are not far to seek if we analyze the data available on the Incredible India website and Immigration reports.

Mainly 3 types of tourists arrive in India/Delhi:
1. Foreign tourist who visit India for recreational purposes
2. General category who come here for business/visiting friends or relatives etc.
3. Medical tourists

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Out of 6.6 million FTA (2012 figures of Incredible India),

22.5% come for Business purposes.
27% come to visit friends/relatives
27% come for leisure/holidays and recreation.

US leads the highest proportion of tourists visiting friends and relatives (46%) followed by Australasia (42%)
Interestingly, China (65%) and Japan (60%) top the list of tourist arrival for business purpose.

Medical Tourist Arrival in India

The citizens of countries that visit India for Medical purposes are mainly from Maldives (59% of 50,000 visitors), Nigeria (29% of 37000 visitors), Iraq (33% of 39000 visitors), Afghanistan (16% of 95000 visitors), Oman (11% of 50000 visitors), UAE (8% of 41000 visitors).

Medical Tourist arrival in India

Medical Tourist arrival in India

According to Hindustan Times article ‘India among World’s top 5 Medical tourism hotspots’ dated 26th July 2014, the Medical tourism industry is set to grow to $ 6 billion by 2018 due to skilled doctors, better infrastructure, facilities and low treatment cost.

Hindustan times medical tourism

Hindustan times medical tourism

“More tourists are coming to India because cost of treatment here is much less compared to the US and the European countries. We are also trying to integrate medical tourism with normal tourism,” said Parvez Dewan, secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

According to 2012 figures, Delhi boasts of specialty hospitals with strong clinical care and medical institute, which have state of the art technology and medical equipments. The city receives approximately 25,200 numbers of foreign patients coming to the city. The patients from Mauritius, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Myanmar are mostly seeking specialties in Cosmetic Surgery & Dental, Bariatric Surgery (Gastric Banding), Joint Replacements & Spine, Cardiology, Cancer, IVF, Multi-Organ Transplants visited the hospital for low cost surgeries.

Heart Surgery in US cost USD 60,000 where as in India its cost in $ 6,500.
Bone Marrow Transplant in US costs 250,000 (US $) and in India it is $ 35,000, Liver Transplant in US costs 300,000 (US $) and in India it costs $ 55,000, Joint Replacements in US cost 50,000 (US $) and in India it costs $ 8,000 and Cosmetic Surgery in US costs 20,000 (US $) and in India it costs $ 2,000.

Medical treatment cost comparison

Medical treatment cost comparison

In the past, the experts of Apollo hospitals have urged the government to conceptualize and launch a campaign on the lines of ‘Incredible India’, in order to Brand India as the top quality health care destination for medical tourists. At present, medical tourists from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tanzania face difficulty in obtaining visa and safe and secure accommodation in India.




As per report published in “The Business Standard on 22.8.2013, the Indian Medical Tourism sector is also eyeing a large chunk of big outbound medical tourism likely to emanate out of America following the implementation of “Obamacare”. The official name for “ObamaCare” is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). It is also commonly referred to as Obama care, health care reform, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
Under USA medical insurance provisions, two million US citizens are now likely to go abroad for cheaper treatment as against only 85000 in last two years. The share of incoming US medial tourists to India is only 3%. This share is likely to increase due to the fact that US citizen will be driven mainly by cost factors of ten fold or more cost saving as per article uploaded on website by Harvard Law School. If India is able to provide such treatment of high quality at affordable rates, the percentage of incoming medical tourists from USA is likely to be 5% i.e. an increase from 2550 (@3% of 85000) to 1 lakh (@ 5% of 2 million).

As per report of the Business Standard on 22nd August 2013, SAARC countries account for 36%, Africa 26%, West Asia 26% the US & Europe contribute to 3 percent foreign patients respectively out of total one million incoming foreign medical tourists.

Opportunity for B&B Owners:

Delhi B&B owners, particularly those having homes near hospitals like Apollo, Medanta, Medicity, Global Health, Escorts, Fortis have excellent opportunity to grab this market for accommodation. In fact good number of existing B&B units are already taking advantage of it.

What the future of Medical Tourism holds for B&B industry:

The future of medical tourism will undoubtedly flourish under the B&B scheme, provided the owners publicize their properties on websites, take help of various on-line agencies and start on line accommodation reservation.

Disabled via bbc.co.uk

Disabled via bbc.co.uk

In absence of specific accessibility facilities available in most commercial accommodations or at present in Bed & Breakfast establishments, a large number of disabled persons and medical tourists are not able to enjoy stay in the city. Since number of such disabled tourists coming to Delhi are certainly more than 2.5% i.e. 65000 of total foreign tourist arrivals in Delhi in a year, any extra facility extended and publicized either through word of mouth or through internet will make a good marketing and promotional tool for B&B owners to promote their business in more efficient manner.

Bed and Breakfast offers a relaxing environment

Bed and Breakfast offers a relaxing environment
via http://www.southaustralia.com

Additionally, B&B accommodation is able to provide a favorable place near the hospital providing a cool and relaxing environment for rest and convalesce. The stay of these guests on a visit to the hospital for treatment requires longer stay for rest and convalesce, and for post-operative checkups, monitoring, healing etc. that takes several weeks and requires a comfortable stay suitably home away from home. These guests may prefer B&B accommodation because of above-mentioned reasons. If accommodation is `accessible’ and medical tourists friendly, it creates more market for B&B accommodation for such target people.

disabled travelers via www.disabledtravelers.com

disabled travelers via http://www.disabledtravelers.com

In nutshell, the B&B stay option for incoming disabled or medical tourist is cost effective by 30% than regular hotels. Such niche tourists come with at least an attendant and do not come for a short stay in Delhi. As mentioned above, the Medical tourists in particular need longer stay for the accompanying relatives. These relatives need personal care and emotional support, which can only be taken care of by owners’ family. Since hotels have limitations in providing personal care and disabled friendly facility, the B&B owners desirous to attract more business through such niche market, can create these specialized facilities.

Marketing of B&B

Marketing of B&B

However, proper marketing strategy is needed by owners to tap this market, which is beneficial to both stakeholders.


Government authorities should keep a watch that no untoward incident should happen due to unscrupulous service provider from amongst the medical tourism industry stakeholders due to which a negative sentiment arises. This might lead to an adverse change of perception of India as a medical tourism destination.
Thus, there is a need for medical tourism industry to practice self regulation.

PhD thesis, “Role of bed and breakfast scheme of Delhi in development of Tourism in Delhi” by Dr. G G Saxena
Gaur Sunil., Saxena Susheel, “Report on First International Summit on Health & Wellness Tourism”, 2013, Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC), Tourism Section, May 2nd

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