Why should you visit India amidst security concerns?

In India, Tourism was first conceived as Tirthatan (religious travel) then as Deshatan (travel around the country) and finally as Paryatan with the sole purpose of promoting intermingling among people of neighboring states, to acquaint them with the culture of the host country.

In India, hospitality is based on the principle of Atithi Devo Bhava, i.e. “the guest is god.” Here people live in unity though there is diversity in Caste, Creed and Culture. During various festivals, all the communities including Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others enjoy with great fervor and gaiety. Neighbours share their joy during family functions and also console each other at times of mourning. All Indian religions follow the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and sharing of joys & sorrows with a sense of togetherness.



Atithi devo bhava- Incredible India

Thus, India has something for every tourist who wishes to get a taste of the unique culture of India. There are

  • 22 languages with 1542 dialects
  • 27 world heritage sites
  • 7500 km. of coastline
  • 9000 years old history, civilization and heritage
  • 55,000 km. of lakes, streams and rivers
  • 476 forts and palaces

India is also well known as a rich culinary heritage destination. It boasts of the following:

  • 70 million hectares of forest
  • 147 dance forms
  • 5000 years of experience in Ayurveda and Yoga.

If you enjoy having morning tea then India is a must visit! There are a large number of “Tea states” totaling 1641 in India.


Tea plantation

Tea plantation in India via 3 blog.shantitravel.com


Furthermore, India is host to almost 60% of the world’s tiger population. There are 60 national parks, 400 wild life sanctuaries.


Gir wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat

Gir wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat


If you still have doubts about visiting India with your friends and family, feel free to reach me at ggsaxena@gmail.com or +91 9810603010.


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